October 27, 2021
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Apply today to join a national cohort of emerging leaders with the chance to win $10,000, and receive $650 to bring your big ideas to life in one semester.

You know the saying “The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who actually do”?

What if we told you that Steve Jobs was only partially on to something? That you don’t have to be crazy to change the world -- you just have to believe that you’re capable. You have to recognize that you can create meaningful impact right where you are -- yes, even from your dorm room -- if you’re willing to do the hard work to get there. You have to allow yourself to dream big, be scrappy, be resourceful, and find the right partners along the way. You have to do all this because you have to take ownership of the world your generation will ultimately inherit.

I’m ready. But how?

Tackling the issues you care about most begins with gaining a deep understanding of fiscal and economic policy, but in this divisive political climate, it’s completely overwhelming to figure out how to do that responsibly. Today, we’re calling on you to join the Spring Cohort for the 10th annual Up to Us Campus Competition to learn the ins and outs of our economy, and to help shape its future.

What’s up with Up To Us?

Imagine being part of one of the most influential networks of students and professionals out there. Imagine building a connection to like-minded peers spanning all 50 states. Imagine receiving the training, camaraderie, and funds you need to be the activist you want to be. Imagine the adrenaline rush that will come from conceptualizing and executing on ideas that will literally change our world starting right on your own campus.

With ten years of leadership and commitment to a prosperous, inclusive future for all, the Up To Us Campus Competition represents a cohort of emerging leaders tasked with developing creative solutions for educating peers on our long-term national debt. Developed in collaboration with Clinton Global Initiative University and the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, the campus competition is an opportunity for you to receive funding for campaign execution, leadership and project management training, and unparalleled access to diverse thought leaders in public policy, fiscal policy, and social entrepreneurship. It’s a non-partisan, national platform for people just like you with big ideas, and a safe place to land for all your big questions.

What are the perks?

You and your team will receive $650 in campaign funding to turn your ideas into action, with full support and guidance from the Up to Us staff to help you through the process and succeed. At the end of the semester-long program, you’ll have the opportunity to apply for exclusive paid internships, enroll in Harvard Business School online courses, receive mentorship from leaders in the field, and compete to win the $10,000 grand prize -- not to mention add a stellar experience to your résumé. 

Tell me more...

Even during a global pandemic where everything felt uncertain and much of the experience was virtual, last year’s Up to Us competition teams made a huge difference in their communities. By harnessing social media to create innovative digital advocacy campaigns, the 2020-2021 teams reach thousands of fellow students, policy makers, and community leaders. “The Up to Us competition presented an important opportunity for our team to serve as a driving force for change,” said Nayancie Matthews, leader of Baruch College’s winning team. “Through Up to Us, we expanded our knowledge of the economy, developed new skills, and produced thoughtful conversations around our nation’s economic hurdles.”

As we grapple with ongoing fiscal and public health crises, we’re counting on your creativity and passion to ignite change and help restore a once-vibrant economy through Up to Us. We know that the power exists in all of us to combat climate change and criminal justice reform, and to improve education and healthcare for all. We’ve already seen it start to happen because of students just like you across the country, from Up to Us teams at Mesa Community College in San Diego to the University of Virginia. There is no limit to what you can do with a team who cares and the funding, educational resources, and support you’ll receive from Up to Us. We hope our network of past winners inspires you to apply today

Next Steps!

Take a journey through ten years of Up to Us history, and then submit your application on or before February 9, 2022 to be part of the spring cohort. The world needs your ideas, and we’re here to help bring them to life!