Despite our generation’s economic challenges due to the national debt, we remain optimistic and empowered to drive change and ensure a brighter future.

Building a vibrant economic future is within our generation’s power – we have the motivation, the creativity, and the brains to achieve it. Coming of age amid a turbulent economy, however, we’ve faced no shortage of challenges – from student debt to the uncertainty of the job market.

Yet even in the face of these challenges, the next generation are among the most optimistic generations in recent history, and we’re especially confident about our ability to create our own success. According to a 2016 study by the Pew Research Center, about 80 percent expect to earn enough money to support the lifestyles they aspire to lead.

The next generation aren’t just waiting for better opportunities to come our way: We’re actively building the future we want. Two-thirds say they aim to eventually start a business, and some analysts argue that the next generation is poised to become the most entrepreneurial generation ever.

But it’s up to us to harness our knowledge, our voices, and our power to take charge of the future.