December 13, 2013
Read time : 2 min

The UofM Up To Us team decided to join the competition again this year because we felt that our work was not finished. Although we had participated last year, the results and the events were not up to the standards that we had set out for ourselves. If we were to truly consider ourselves the “Leaders and the Best” we would have to present a campus that is completely immersed in this campaign, and genuinely wanting to learn more about the fiscal policies of the United States.

Even today, if we were to approach a student and ask them what they knew about the US budget and fiscal issues, a majority of them would not even know what we are talking about. In order to change that, and truly fulfill the mission that we set out to achieve last year, we decided to re-apply for the competition. We are honored and glad that we were given another chance, and hope not to disappoint all expectant audiences.

Forever Go Blue!