December 13, 2013
Read time : 2 min

Starting out like another assignment in economics class, I read the article “Stop Stealing From Our Kids” by Steven Rattner from the New York Times to prepare for Up to Us. The article’s main focus was the ineffectiveness of our nations fiscal decisions and strategies and how the consequences of such might be ruthless. The numbers were staggering and created a concern amongst all my peers. When we came across this competition, we knew it was imperative that we apply for this very reason. Aside from casting a ballot during election season, many feel powerless when it comes to creating a difference, and being part of Up to Us has given us that extra push we all needed to make the difference.

The 2013 Net Impact Conference was exciting and empowering. Having the opportunity to meet other peers that want to speak up and push for a better tomorrow was overwhelming. I believe that the leadership skills and dashing personalities that I witnessed in the training room are what will bring people in and join the cause more than any numbers or giveaways. I can only say that I am very grateful for meeting such interesting people who I shared many laughs and interesting conversations.