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September 23, 2020

Contact: Julie Walsh

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The Hub Provides Nonpartisan Information and Resources to Help Young Americans Navigate the 2020 Elections and Ensure their Voice is Heard 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – As election day approaches, Up to Us has launched an Election 2020 Information Hub to educate and empower young people on the important role they play in our democracy. The new hub provides resources and guides to help young Americans learn about the fiscal implications of their vote, check their voter registration status and commit to voting by Nov. 3.

According to Pew Research, millions of Generation Z Americans will be eligible to vote for the first time in the 2020 election, surpassing the Silent Generation’s share of the electorate. Together with millennials, these two cohorts will comprise 37 percent of eligible voters, giving younger generations incredible power at the polls.  Despite their tremendous voting power, voters ages 18 to 29 years old historically and consistently go the polls at a much lower rate than older age groups - a troubling trend that can be reversed this election.

The Election 2020 Information Hub features a series of in-depth guides, including “A Voter’s Guide to Fiscal Issues” and a “Get Heard Guide” that provides tips and templates for contacting elected officials. Young people are encouraged to share their commitment to vote via a series of #VoteReady social media graphics or by registering to be an Up to Us Election Advocate. Site visitors can also sign up to receive a curated Up to Us Election 2020 Newsletter.

Launched in 2012 by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation in partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) and Net Impact, Up to Us is a national, nonpartisan campus-based initiative that galvanizes young people to become more civically engaged through conversations around the nation’s fiscal and economic challenges. Each year, students on college campuses across the country participate in the Up to Us Campus Competition to mobilize their peers and engage federal policymakers in dialogue about the need to build a more sustainable fiscal future. Participants in this year’s campus competition will also receive exclusive access to fiscal and federal budgeting guides to help navigate the complexities of local elections, taxes and the federal budget. 

“Over the past eight years, Up to Us has cultivated a dedicated network of more than 370,000 civically engaged young leaders in all 50 states,” said Peter Lupoff, CEO of Net Impact. “The new Election 2020 Information Hub will empower this network to further their commitment to civic engagement by voting and encouraging their peers to do the same. An informed voter is an empowered voter. It’s up to all of us to take control of our fiscal future by heading to the polls and voting for the changes, policies and people that align with our own values.”

To learn more about the Up to Us movement and the Election 2020 Information Hub, visit:

About Up to Us

Up to Us is a movement of a generation, for a generation that lets policymakers know that young Americans are committed to addressing the nation’s fiscal challenges. Since 2012, Up to Us has created a groundswell of student leaders who’ve engaged and empowered more than 370,000 of their peers towards a more prosperous fiscal future. Created in partnership with the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) and Net Impact, Up to Us provides the opportunity for students to build a movement to raise awareness and engagement on America’s fiscal challenges, and hosts an annual competition that takes place on college campuses nationwide.