On November 08, 2017, contributor, Kimberly Adams, published an article and interview titled The GOP tax plan just got more expensive in response to the recent CBO report stating that the Republican tax plan would add "$1.7 trillion to the deficit over 10 years." 

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Kimberly Adams interviewed three people to gain their perspectives, including Up to Us student, Fiorella Ricobonno. Ricoboono goes on to tell the host "“If we start worrying when we start feeling it, it’s too late,” she said. Riccobono said she plans to start her own business after college, and “I want to enter into a workforce where the economy is thriving, and having an unsustainable federal spending track puts that all in jeopardy. No one’s going to want to invest in a new business … when the economy isn’t in a strong place.”

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About Fiorella Riccobono:  A rising junior at Florida State University, Fiorella is majoring in finance, economics, and social  entrepreneurship. While she grew up in South Florida, Fi is a first-generation American. Her main passions include using finance as a tool for personal and community growth and studying international economic development. Fiorella was chosen as one of two Up to Us 2017 Summer Interns where she helped develop and expand the competition’s program design to amplify the impact of future teams. She’s   excited to return as a participant for the coming year!