Make your voting plan for 2022

Voting in every election is the heart of true democracy 

Election Day

Educate Yourself

Level up your fiscal knowledge before you head to the polls!

Amplify Your Voice

Connect with your elected officials. 

While it may seem a bit intimidating to contact a public official or unrealistic to think they will listen to you, your elected officials are there to represent you and your community and make decisions based on your needs.

Celebrate Your Vote

How will you celebrate your civic engagement this Election Day 2022? 

Do you go to your favorite restaurant? A walk in the park? Here's a social media badge to help you celebrate your vote in 2022. 

Celebrate My Vote
Celebrate Democracy

Celebrate Democracy

How do you like to show up in our democracy? 

Check out our Instagram filter and show off how you get involved. 

Celebrate Democracy Filter

  • Volunteering for a community project? 

  • Inviting others to vote? 

  • Attending a city council meeting? 

Use our filter on @itsup2us and show off how you celebrate democracy. 

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