January 28, 2021
Read time : 3 min

Our generation is becoming more passionate about civic engagement. Why? Because we understand that to create a sustainable and equitable society, we need passionate, dedicated people like you! 

Yet, how people use their knowledge and passion to make an impact is different for everybody. Your unique combination of skills, motivation, and values determines your civic engagement personality. By identifying your personality type, you can uncover new strengths and level up your civic engagement. 

tAKE THE Civic Personality Quiz

Do you get your daily news from what’s trending on Twitter or are you regularly tuning into talks shows and NPR? Do you have one or two main causes you regularly donate and volunteer for or do you have a large variety of causes that you are passionate about? 

These questions may seem simple, but they actually reveal a lot about the type of civic engagement that is the best fit for your personality and lifestyle. Learning more about the type of civic engagement that is right for you can help you discover how to best focus your energy and passion toward making a difference. This quiz has been uniquely developed to support you on your civic engagement journey. 

Good news - there are no wrong answers! What really matters is that you are putting in the work to make a difference. By being an Up to Us ally, we know that you already are investing in a better world. There are also a variety of ways Up to Us can support you in being civically engaged when it comes to the topic of fiscal responsibility and the national debt. 

Are you ready?


We hope our quiz can help you find the best outlet for your impact and be the best civically engaged version of yourself!