February 3, 2022
Read time : 5 min

For ten years, Up to Us has helped paved the way for a more sustainable, inclusive economic and fiscal future. Our community is filled with driven, emerging leaders who are actively harnessing their knowledge, voices, and collective power to drive change. As we continue to grow the Up to Us movement, we are excited to launch the Up to Us Alumni Board, a group committed to helping shape the future of the program and connecting fellow changemakers across the country. Join us in welcoming our board members and keep reading to learn all about the exciting work they are doing.

Alumni Board Member: Jhon Diaz

Up to Us Competition Year: Fall 2020 and Advisor for Fall 2021

Tell us what you are working on now?

I am completing my bachelor’s degree in Marketing at Florida International University. I am also in charge of two clubs: Up to Vote and the civic fellowship program, C.E.E.P. In my free time, I work for an advertising company that has helped me develop my knowledge and has given me experience in the field.

What does it mean to you to become a member of the Up to Us Alumni Board and what do you hope to achieve during your tenure?

Being part of the Up to Us Alumni Board for me means prosperity, development, pride, and value. When I was the president of our fall team, I felt that I could do more to help our community and provide educational resources to my fellow classmates around the National Debt. Up to Us has given me the knowledge and the network to make this possible, and now that I am part of the Alumni Board, I know I can thrive. With the Up to Us Alumni Board, I hope to expand my professional connections and meet new people, give back to my school and the community, and stay informed on career opportunities and networking events. I also hope to grow my skills and support Up to Us in expanding education around our fiscal future.

What was one important lesson you took away from participating in the Up to Us Competition?

Mental toughness is essential for success. When you are in the Competition, you are not alone. While you may face multiples challenges, such as work, studies, and social life all at the same time,you learn how to tackle them. When I was participating in the Up to Us Competition, I built up my sense of persistence and resiliency. 

What is one piece of advice you have for someone looking to get involved with Up to Us and participate in the Campus Competition? 

Be different! Be different from the beginning - whether it is how you prepare your meetings and activities to what you share on social media. Don’t wait for the end of the competition to do something new and out of your comfort zone. Starting early will also alleviate any stress you might feel. You have to remember that you are here to have fun. Don’t think about the money or prizes you are going to get, but rather on how many people you can help by standing up and taking action. And the most important thing is to be creative. Don’t be shy in creating new and brilliant ideas. We love to see those things!