August 14, 2020
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With so many plans canceled and the overall uncertainty happening in 2020, we are excited to say the Fall 2020 Up to Us Campus Competition is still on...with some exciting changes! This year the Up to Us Campus Competition will be virtually and digitally focused so that teams can spread awareness on the nation’s fiscal challenges all from a safe space. 

For 8 years, Up to Us has been empowering the next generation who recognize how the nation’s fiscal condition shapes their future opportunities. This year, our all-digital program will continue to provide emerging leaders a platform for initiating collaborative discussions while gaining leadership training. 

This year, Up to Us will be bringing the "public square" online. By learning the industry best practices in social and traditional media, as well as cutting-edge virtual event planning skills, Up to Us teams will learn how to plan and execute a completely virtual public awareness campaign. This will allow for creativity and fun even in discussing serious topics and will help competition participants connect with peers even in the time of social distancing. 

Joining Up to Us is more important than ever

Every year there are amazing benefits to participating in the Up to Us Campus Competition, but 2020 is an even better year to join. Let us explain why:

  • The 2020 election - It will be easier to get people engaged in the topic of fiscal policies during an election year. Think of the amazing conversations you will have the opportunity to facilitate! Our generation is passionate about politics and the 2020 election. With all that passion, solutions are bound to arise and you can be a leader in that process. 
  • The current state of the country - While the country is facing some difficult challenges, our generation has more drive and passion to see change happen. Imagine how fulfilling it will be to help your peers channel their passion into real change. 
  • The economy and jobs market - The economy and jobs market will need to rebound after the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, having a strong resume will be more important moving forward. The Up to Us Campus Competition will help you develop as a leader, practice critical skills including social media marketing, and build your professional network - all which look fantastic on a resume. 
  • Traditional Competition benefits - All the traditional benefits to joining the competition will remain the same this year. You will still have access to the resources, training, and on-going support to be successful. The top 50 teams will receive an exclusive “Career Package” and the top 10 teams will receive cash prizes. Upon completion of the Competition, you will be invited to join the Up to Us Alumni Network which offers continued exclusive perks.

Are you ready to join the Fall 2020 Up to Us Campus Competition now? 

2020 may be different, but at Up to Us, our passion to empower students to give a voice to our generation remains the same. Now, more than ever, we need emerging leaders to stand up for our country’s long-term national debt and address how it could affect future economic opportunities.

Apply to join the Fall 2020 Up to Us Campus Competition today!

Still want to learn more about what the Up To Us Campus Competition is all about (and how you can join)? Watch our video for more inspiration!