August 19, 2020
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At Up to Us, we are committed to keeping you updated on how the economy and jobs market is affected by the COVID-19 health pandemic. 

We know many of you are current or future graduates and the economy and job market may feel uncertain to you during this time. Post-graduate employment may be a real concern for you.

In this blog, we want to update you on the current state of the job market, share relevant resources, and highlight opportunities that we have available to help you adapt to the transforming market and succeed in your career goals. 

Current State of the Job Market

While some industries have been hit worse than others, reports indicate that across the country during the pandemic, every sector has experienced some form of job declines. According to the Labor Department, the unemployment rate for 20 to 24 year olds was 19.8% in June, an increase from 8.7% in March. In comparison, the nationwide unemployment rate in June was 11.1%

The good news is the country is making efforts to bounce back. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states the U.S. economy added 4.8 million payroll jobs in June and 1.8 million payroll jobs in July. However, although the country is making progress, the unemployment rate at the beginning of August was still at 16.3 million Americans.

Despite these numbers, it’s important not to dwell on the statistics of the job market. 

So What Can You Do Now?

With a little creativity and adaptability, you can put yourself in the best position for post-graduate success. Here are some ways you can take initiative and continue to develop your skill sets and experiences to succeed in your future career:

Getting Involved with Up to Us 

Up to Us can help you improve your leadership experience, build your network, practice and gain new skills, and make your resume truly stand out. All of this will help you be as marketable as possible to potential employers.

For 8 years, Up to Us has been empowering emerging leaders to stand up for our country’s long-term national debt and address how it could affect future economic opportunities. For the Fall 2020 Up to Us Campus Competition, our all-digital program will continue to provide emerging leaders a platform for initiating collaborative discussions while gaining leadership training. 

Apply today to access this unique opportunity where you can highlight your leadership skills while having direct access to thought-leaders in public policy, fiscal policy, social entrepreneurship, and more. As well as an opportunity to meet your peers and fellow emerging leaders. With ongoing support and financial resources from Up to Us staff, teams will learn how to plan and execute a completely virtual public awareness campaign. Our program will also teach you industry best practices in social and traditional media, cutting-edge virtual event planning skills.

The Up to Us Campus Competition provides so many opportunities and resources to build your network, expand your skills set, and build out your resume to best fit the career you wish to enter once you graduate. 

Apply Today!
While the severity and length of the pandemic is unknown and the effects on the economy continue to unfold, you can be certain Up to Us will continue to be a platform for information and support for your future goals.