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Lead others and help build a campus movement with Up to Us! Explore our Event Catalog and pick from a list of engaging and fun events designed to make an impact, or get creative with your own idea. We’ll give you the tools, training, and funding to ensure your event or action has what it needs to be successful and you can reap the rewards!

  • Host an event between February 15- June 30
  • Win prizes and gain experiences for your resume

Host an Event this Spring
Learn more about the event types below and feel free to select more than one! We will work with you to find the event that best fits your campus, time, and interests.

Sample Event Types by Category

LEAD AN UP TO US SIGNATURE EVENT Use our toolkit to host one or more events on your campus– or propose your own original idea. Some ideas include:

  • Day of Awareness Use your creativity and our tried-and-true event ideas to raise awareness about the long-term national debt (LTND) during a day of action on your campus
  • The Great Debate Host a moderated debate on campus about the LTND and other fiscal or public policy issues. Debaters could include professors, elected officials, and/or student clubs as long as a variety of perspectives are represented
  • Mini Doc Film Fest Screen a collection of short films or excerpts from full-length documentaries about the national debt and its impacts. Follow the screenings with a moderated discussion
  • More ideas include Public Art Installation, Fiscal Fitness Bootcamp, Mock-Election Speed Dating, and so much more.
  • Wildcard Activity Suprise us! Use your creativity to come up with a whole new way to engage your campus around the LTND
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CONNECT FISCAL POLICY TO AN EXISTING EVENT Collaborate with existing campus groups to enrich an event that’s planned on your campus by adding perspective about the long-term national debt. Choose from a variety of ideas in the toolkit or surprise us with a new idea by proposing how you can contribute to an upcoming event on your campus. Some ideas include:

  • Dribble/Kick/Throw/Strike Down the Debt Raise awareness among new audiences by tabling or using inventive outreach techniques to inform audiences at a campus sports events about the national debt
  • Co-host an On-campus Event Work with a like-minded campus group to co-host an event on a topic related to the long-term national debt on your campus. Use creative techniques to raise awareness about the long-term national debt before, during, or after the event
  • More ideas include Classroom Presentations, Plugging into Spring Career Fairs, First Year Life Skills Workshop, and so much more.
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SPEAK UP WITH AN ELECTED OFFICIAL Host a political day of action to let your representatives know how you feel about this issue. Some ideas include:

  • Meet Your Rep at Their Local Office Schedule a meeting with your member of Congress’ district office to talk about why you care about our fiscal and economic futures
  • Deliver Signed Up to Us Pledges to deliver to your elected official’s office
  • Speak Up at a Public Meeting Attend a public event like a town hall or a virtual town hall and share your opinion about the national debt and why it matters to you
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AMPLIFY YOUR VOICE WITH MEDIA Influence your community and speak your mind without the jitters of speaking in public. Some ideas include:

  • Get Published Publish an op-ed or write a letter to the editor in your school/local paper about why the national debt matters to you and impacts the issues you care about most. Use your voice to connect the debt to issues that affect your personal and generational future: from climate change to your ability to pay off student loans and save for the future
  • Secure Media Coverage Does your campus or local community have a TV or radio station? Approach them to get featured or interviewed on an upcoming segment.
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