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Launched in 2012, Up to Us is a rapidly growing, nonpartisan movement of young people who recognize that when it comes to securing their future opportunities, they have no better advocates than themselves. Amid high-profile debates over jobs and the economy, social mobility, healthcare, and tax reform, Up to Us is the only nationwide, campus-based campaign focused on building a sustainable economic and fiscal future for America’s next generation. This unique program provides emerging leaders a platform for facilitating a collaborative dialogue on the country’s most vexing challenges.

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Through creative campaigns at colleges and universities across the country, a groundswell of emerging leaders power the Up to Us movement by educating and engaging their peers on the risks presented by America’s nearly $20 trillion debt. Started as a pilot program on 10 college campuses, Up to Us has since reached more than 225,000 students on over 400 unique campuses in all 50 states.

Young Americans have the most to gain—or lose—in the debate over America’s fiscal future. Some are motivated by a desire to support investments in crucial priorities like education, research and development, and infrastructure. Others simply want to see their hard work pay off with a secure retirement. Across worldviews and backgrounds, however, the growth of Up to Us is fueled by Millennials who recognize how the nation’s fiscal condition shapes their future opportunities. The Up to Us movement draws on emerging leaders from a wide variety of educational, cultural, geographic and academic backgrounds. From pre-med to political science, from commuter colleges to large private and public universities, and from Alaska to Florida, Up to Us isn’t just a movement of econ wonks and aspiring politicos (though it’s got plenty of those, too). It’s a diverse movement of young, engaged Americans united to build the economic future they want to see.

We hope you will join us and continue the movement in your community.


Peter G. Peterson Foundation


The Peter G. Peterson Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase public awareness of the nature and urgency of key fiscal challenges threatening America’s future and to accelerate action on them.

Net Impact

Net Impact

Net Impact is a global community of emerging leaders to use their skills and careers to drive transformational social and environmental change. In short, we help our members turn their passions into a lifetime of world-changing action.

Clinton Global Initiative


The Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U), a program of the Clinton Global Initiative, brings together college students to address global challenges with practical, innovative solutions. Since 2008, students have made more than 6,250 Commitments to Action.