Our Movement

Up to Us is a groundswell of student activists who’ve engaged more than 100,000 people to raise awareness on the national debt, with a focus on finding nonpartisan solutions.

Many young Americans are not aware of the economic repercussions the long term national debt will have on their families, job opportunities, and the future. In 2012, the Peter G. Peterson Foundation teamed up with Net Impact and Clinton Global Initiative University to engage college students on this critical topic with the hope for this generation of young Americans to elevate their voices and concerns to their peers and policymakers to address the unsustainable fiscal challenge we face.

Since then, Up to Us has become a movement of a generation, for a generation. We hope you will join us and continue the movement in your community.


Peter G. Peterson Foundation


The Peter G. Peterson Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase public awareness of the nature and urgency of key fiscal challenges threatening America’s future and to accelerate action on them.

Net Impact

Net Impact

Net Impact is a global community of emerging leaders to use their skills and careers to drive transformational social and environmental change. In short, we help our members turn their passions into a lifetime of world-changing action.

Clinton Global Initiative


The Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U), a program of the Clinton Global Initiative, brings together college students to address global challenges with practical, innovative solutions. Since 2008, students have made more than 6,250 Commitments to Action.