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Learn more about Up to Us from some of our alumni, the voices of Gen U, and hear about their experience with the program, their impact, and how their involvement has shaped their careers.

Ben Ritz

Ben Ritz

POLICY ANALYST - Bipartisan Policy Center

Ben Ritz was team leader for American University’s Up to Us team during the competition’s first year in 2012. Ben is currently a policy analyst with the Economic Policy Project at the Bipartisan Policy Center, where he focuses on federal budget issues and helps staff BPC’s Commission on Retirement Security and Personal Savings.

Rebecca Liebman

Co-founder and CEO - LearnLux

Rebecca served as a team leader for Clark University during the 2013-2014 Competition. “Up to Us helped me understand a lot about the fiscal challenges in America and ultimately showed me how helping people with their personal finances can have a much larger impact on the global economy.”

LearnLux is a financial education company that helps millennials make their first big financial decisions.

Rebecca Liebman
Lena Shi

Lena Shi

White House Policy Advisor - US Department of Education

Lena joined Up to Us in its inaugural year with the University of Virginia team and went on to win the national competition. At the University of Virginia, Lena earned a Bachelor of Arts in Global Development and a Master of Public Policy.

She now works at her dream job as a Presidential Management Fellow & Research Analyst in federal higher education policy.

Juan Rosales

Economic Investment Analyst - Working Capital for Community Needs

Serving as a team leader in the 2013-2014 Campus Competition, Juan now works as an Economic Investment Analyst for Working Capital for Community Needs (WCCN), a non-profit organization that creates opportunities for access to microfinance in Latin American countries including Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Peru.

Juan Rosales

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