February 16, 2014
Read time : 4 min

It’s officially the end of the fourth week of our campaign, and I feel like I’m in some time floating space machine… Maybe I’m in a Delorean?

It seems just yesterday that our team was in that small back corner of Panera figuring out our campaign proposal. We have come a long way since that Sunday night. From switching members to filming Daniel Day-Lewis esque movie trailers, so far it’s been a surreal experience. We have our fingers crossed that Dr. Benjamin Compton will win an academy award in the near future.

The students and other organizations here at UT have really embraced our campaign. Without their help, I doubt any of our core team would have slept in the last 4 weeks. We have had our struggles as a team, but we always find a way to find a positive solution and move forward. Most of our campaign ideas are specifically planned, but we have a thing for doing things on the fly. Innovators, revolutionaries, heroes… Yeah, I’d say we are a bunch of superheroes. Just yesterday, Kayla shows up with 300+ roses for Valentine’s Day and all these QR paper codes for our website. Within in hours, our team has these twined and passed out within an hour… some major flower power here. (Credit to Andrew for tediously cutting all these roses by the way)

I can’t forget about our superhero painting skills. We have painted UT’s famous rock twice thus far, and we are planning for a third before our super-secret event on the last day of the campaign. The first time we painted the rock, we had some great one-armed painting skills and a painting monkey climber aka Carly doing all the tough work. It usually takes us most of the afternoon, but hey we think it’s totally worth it. We may even go back after we graduate and get secondary art degrees.

We have a lot of events in different directions going on, but we are probably most excited about “Lift the Debt”. When we table inside the T-RECS (UT’s rec center) we have students thanking us for letting them sign up. Like, what? Of course, we are giving them t-shirts, food, drinks, and gift cards, but it’s a positive response from our student body for their support. I have to shout out Jessica for heading this up and Andrew for his constant help on this event. Without these two, this event wouldn’t be happening.

But let me not spoil all of the great things happening over here in Knoxville. I’ll save a few for next time.