March 14, 2018
Read time : 3 min

In February, an additional 43 teams participated in Up to Us’ flagship event, My Two Cents Day. This year we saw great examples of creativity from our teams and they introduced new events that hadn’t been done before. 

Here are some highlights: 

debt games

Middlesex Community College carnival themed MTCD event engaging more than 300 students with games like 20.6 Trillion High Striker and Debt Ducks. 


Northeastern Illinois University’s campaign, #My100Grand, translated the 20+ trillion dollar debt into easier to swallow pieces on MTCD by hosting a chocolate eating contest with 100 Grand bars! 

uc irvine

University of California Irvine named their MTCD event after a popular song Young, Dumb, and Broke by Khalid to target their millennial audience. 


University of California Berkeley teamed up with local graffiti artist Tony B. Conscious to connect the national debt to a more local concern - homelessness. Their event attracted over 500 students!

truman state university

The team at Truman State University asked students what they would buy if money was no object. Then, they illustrated the magnitude of the national debt by calculating what percentage of the national debt would cover each student’s request.

Up to Us My Two Cents Day

These are just a few examples of the creative and impactful campaigns students led all across the country on My Two Cents Day. Multiple teams even made it in their local news! You can listen to the SUNY Old Westbury team leader, Evan Rufrano, being interviewed about his campaign on a campus radio show here.