November 1, 2017
Read time : 3 min

My name is Nathan Bowman, I am the team leader at San Francisco State University (SFSU). Here at SFSU, social issues are a hot topic. Often, students in this area do not focus on non- partisan issues like the national debt. In fact, most students are aware of the fiscal challenges within the United States, but they cannot conceptualize the issue. Since most college students are aware of student loans, our team at San Francisco State University tries to relate the issues surrounding the national debt to the average student.


Most students' loans are paid to the federal government. As the student loans increase, so does  the national debt. Aside from this, millennials will be the generation that will be affected by the national debt most.

My team at SFSU: Elizabeth Cardona (Vice Leader) and Jordan Kenny (Event Coordinator) and I, encourage civic engagement within the college community because we know  that millennials are the next generation of leaders. We must encourage our peers to get civically engaged because we are the next generation of change makers.

We are encouraging students to not only sign the pledge, but to contact elected officials to inform them that millennials are concerned about the increasing national debt. Up to SFSU is also spreading awareness by posting facts about the debt on social media, as well as hosting events with the Associated Student Government and the Economic Student Association. The national debt is not often talked about, and we believe at San Francisco State University that it is a unique opportunity to spread awareness about an unknown issue. Social media for Up to SFSU can be found below.