January 15, 2020
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A select group of Up to Us alumni were given the opportunity to attend the Clinton Foundation’s Domestic Policy Conference on Economic Inclusion and Growth in Little Rock, Arkansas this past November. In this blog series, hear from the inspiring individuals who attended the event. Our alumni always make us proud as they continue to take advantage of the incredible opportunities and motivational network within the Up to Us community. 

Clinton Foundation’s Domestic Economic Conference by Katelyn Sethi, Up to Us Alumni

The Clinton Foundation held a compelling Domestic Economic Conference. I was able to appreciate every panel topic and their panelists, and I felt a connection to the issues that they were discussing. The conference was a place where I was able to learn, grow and network. I am truly grateful for everyone that I met, and extremely happy that I got to talk to the Mayor Hancock of Denver. Hillary Clinton came up to me after the panel that she moderated, and I was able to express my gratitude with her work with C.H.A.I. in India.

I was so grateful to have attended this event and felt that I learned a lot about CDFIs, and may have even gained an interest in that field as a career. CDFIs help out our community and opens up more opportunities for minorities, and any citizen that feel like they are the most vulnerable in our society.

Katelyn Sethi speaking with former President Bill Clinton at the Clinton Foundation’s Domestic Economic Conference
Katelyn Sethi and fellow Up to Us alumni Hafez Karimi speaking with Bill Clinton.

I found it quite astounding that the first time in our history of a surplus was during the time the Former President Bill Clinton held office. His administration focused on helping every demographic and that is why they succeeded. With the help from CDFIs the administration was able to help people who thought it wasn’t feasible to get a loan and start a business or affordable housing. There have been other Former Presidents, like Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama, that have tried to help close this economic gap. President Bill Clinton, although, has been the only President that has pushed for the growth of the 1% and top 59%, but also more importantly the bottom 40% too.

Overall, I would love to take anymore opportunities like this, and I know that I can continue representing Up to Us and any way to help benefit the organization.