February 17, 2017
Read time : 3 min

The Up to Us campaign has been both a difficult and rewarding experience so far. The campaign may be set for Feb. 1st to Feb. 21st, but it is more than that. I have acquired so much knowledge on a topic that I hadn’t put so much thought into before, built friendships with my partners, and led a campaign on my campus that will go way past those dates.

People are walking around and seeing all of our posters and stopping by our table in the student campus center out of curiosity. My partners and I can see the difference that we are making on our campus and it feels good. As business students, many of us come with our lives planned out and/or have an idea of what we should spend time focusing on; but this campaign specifically changed that for many of us. I know that I’m now more interested in learning about what issues today will affect me as I age.

However, with all of this positive change, there has come a price. I have been through my team falling apart in January, a month before the campaign started, and having to start from square one. A couple of weeks ago my team was one of strangers and the only things that we had in common is that we went to Babson and were recommended to do Up to Us by last year’s team members. There were many points during this campaign that tested my flexibility and resilience. My team has worked so hard and even though there are only three of us, I am so glad that we were able to pull off so much.

Going into this last week of the campaign, I’m really excited to see how our main event goes. We have really put our heads together and are pulling hard to make our final event the best thing yet. We may even have a surprise for our campus at the end of the campaign if our funds allow.