May 1, 2020
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2020 is a year of change, surprise, and adaptation. As the entire world continues to tackle COVID-19 (Coronavirus), important events are changing in response to the pandemic. 2020 is election year in the United States, and many are wondering how the process will occur given the current situation. While many of the dates of larger events are set in stone, more local events are being pushed back and adapted to fit with current social distancing measures. In the past month, 16 states have pushed back their primaries to accommodate public health recommendations and mandates and keep their communities safe. 

2020 Presidential Elections: Dates & Timeline 

Updated: August 2020

US Elections Dates Infographic_August 2020


Upcoming Events

August, September 2020

August 11: Connecticut Democratic & Republican Primaries

August 17-20: Democratic National Convention

August 24–27: Republican National Convention

September 29: 1st Presidential Debate

October, November 2020:

October 7: Vice Presidential Debate

October 15: 2nd Presidential Debate

October 22: 3rd Presidential Debate

November 3: Election Day!

December 2020 & January 2021:

December 14: Members of the Electoral College meet in state capitals to formally vote

January 6: Electoral votes formally counted & formal announcement of electoral result

January 20: Inauguration Day

How to Be More Civically Engaged?

While voting is the most obvious way of being civically engaged, the power to make a difference doesn’t stop there. From having discussions with local politicians from participating in forums, organizations, and movements, there are various opportunities to make your voice heard. 2020 has been a year of surprise, change, and action. Up to Us is an organization focused on educating and empowering the youth on the national debt and fiscal policy. Check out how you can get involved today. 

Past Events

May 2020:

May 2: Democratic primaries/caucuses in Guam & Kansas

May 7-9: Wyoming Republican State Convention

May 12: Nebraska Democratic and Republican primaries

May 19: Democratic & Republican primaries in Oregon

May 21-25: Libertarian National Convention

May 22: Hawaii Democratic Primary

May 30:

  • Voting ends in the U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Republican caucuses

June 2020:

June 02: 

  • Democratic primaries in Delaware, Maryland, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, DC, Indiana, Montana, New Mexico, & South Dakota
  • Republican primaries in DC, Delaware, Maryland, Indiana, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Montana, Indiana, New Mexico, & South Dakota

June 06:

  • U.S. Virgin Islands Democratic caucuses
  • Wyoming Democratic State Convention

June 07: Democratic & Republican primaries in New Jersey

June 09: Democratic & Republican primaries in Nebraska, Georgia & West Virginia

June 13: Iowa Democratic & Republican State Conventions

June 23: Kentucky and New York Democratic & Republican Primaries

July 2020:

July 9-12: Green National Convention

July 11: Louisiana Democratic & Republican Primaries

So, when is the next presidential election?

As for August 2020, the next U.S presidential election is scheduled to be on November 3rd.

How to Get Involved

With the 2020 election coming up, it is important that we are informed on how our votes can shape our future. Check out the 2020 Election page to learn more about fiscal issues, voter registration, and how to get involved with this year's election.