June 20, 2017
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The 2016-2017 Up to Us Campus Competition is gaining momentum! After participating in the annual My Two Cents Day, students gathered in Philadelphia for the 2016 Net Impact Conference.

The 2016 Net Impact Conference (NI16) provided opportunities to learn about the latest trends and inspiring stories in social change, network with impact leaders, and gain the skills and experiences for a lifetime of impact. Up to Us team leaders were also invited to participate in an engaging day of training to learn more about the long-term national debt, how it could affect their economic opportunities, and what their generation can do to have a say in our fiscal challenges.

Through the Up to Us Campus Competition, 49 team leaders from across the country came to the 2016 Net Impact Conference, here’s what Up to Us at NI16 had to offer:






Team leaders participated in training to take a deeper dive into the national debt and preparation for the next leg of the competition (the Wildcard Activity!) Students also received training from guest speaker Erin McPike from 1776, who gave a presentation on media training, including how to land an interview with the press and the best practices for reaching out to different media outlets.






Up to Us students were able to hear from Angelo Bechara, the Grand Prize winner from Stockton University in 2014, and Sruveera Sathi, last year’s grand prize winner from College of William & Mary. They spoke about their challenges, their successes, pro-tips, and personal anecdotes for how to spread the word about the national debt on campuses and for professional goals. This was an inspirational highlight for many team leaders and empowered and energized them to keep the momentum going throughout the competition.


Students gathered for an Up to Us Meet & Greet dinner during the first night of the conference. This allowed them to meet other passionate students from across the country, learn from each other, and ultimately build their network of future impact leaders.






While much of the programming focused on education, training, and impact, there were still opportunities to have fun. The Net Impact Up to Us team created a national debt trivia game and a mock senate which simulated a senate meeting that addressed the national debt. This gave students a fun and engaging way to address the complex issues around the long-term national debt.

The NI16 Up to Us Training was a success and equipped students with the skills and experiences to succeed in Up to Us and make a lasting impact beyond the competition.

Now students have returned to their campuses inspired, energized, and prepared to execute their “Wildcard Activity” which will focus on creating high-quality engagement on campus and promoting solutions-oriented thinking around the national debt.

Feel like you missed out? It’s not too late to join our campus competition! Applications are now being accepted for our Winter Competition Cohort.

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Photos courtesy of @chriskendigphotography